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Makai Drink Succhimaoze

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Makai Drink Succhimaoze

Makai Drink Succhimaoze

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Succhi Mao is a devil from Hell that is excited about making the special Makai (Hell) drink made from the ‰ÛÏkonuts‰۝ of the big tree called, ‰ÛÏkini naru ki‰۝, found in Hell. When he drinks it up he becomes Super Succhi Mao as seenåÊon the cup! Help Succhi Mao blend up his concoction so he can transform into Super Succhi Mao.


1. Pour water into the small corner section of the tray to the mid line (20ml).

2. Empty the contents of the purple pack into the water and mix with the straw.

3. Fill water to the line in the cup (70ml).

4. Empty the contents of the blue pack into the cupåÊand mix well with the straw.

5. Pour the corner tray purple mixture little by littleåÊinto the cup and watch them magically turn to beads.

6. Finish the mix by pouring in the pink pack contentsåÊand watch the drink fizz up!

7. Stir and enjoy!

Originally featured in the October 2018 Japan Crate.


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